We had a blast last night at the third installment in our event series with The Hop Review, Arts & Crafts: A Celebration of Art and Craft Beer. The series is an opportunity for us to explore the connection between two things we care very much about: craft beer and art, and Vol 3: Hand Lettering with Frances MacLeod allowed us to do just that. 

We gathered at Chicago design firm, DesignScout‘s beautiful Ravenswood studio for an introductory class in hand lettering from Frances MacLeod. Frances walked us through her background and process, and then taught some basic lettering techniques while we all enjoyed Ale Syndicate’s Richie Porter and the brand new Paulina Chicago Wit.

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IMG_9118 IMG_9123 IMG_9131 IMG_9152 IMG_9142 IMG_9155 IMG_9178 IMG_9185 IMG_9192 IMG_9201 IMG_9223

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