We get it, pumpkin beers can be a bit divisive. Most folks either love them or hate them. But before you write off pumpkin ales for good, consider the fact that some of the first beer brewed in America was made with pumpkins. That’s right, 18th century colonists used them as a source of fermentable sugar due to the cost and limited supply of barley. History is neat! Anyways, here are three distinct pumpkin beers we hope you’ll enjoy this fall.

Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale

Blended with barley malt, pumpkins became a commonly used beer ingredient. Post Road Pumpkin Ale brings back this tasty tradition with hundreds of pounds of pumpkins blended into the mash of each batch, creating a beer with an orange amber color, warm pumpkin aroma, biscuity malt center, and crisp finish. 5.0% ABV

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Schlafly Pumpkin Ale

Schlafly Pumpkin Ale blends spices of the harvest with full-bodied sweetness for a beer that tastes like pumpkin pie. You’ll have to pace yourself, though — at 8.0% this pour of pumpkin goodness can sneak up on you.

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Boulevard Funkier Pumpkin

Never content with brewing “to style”, Boulevard’s brewing team’s approach to Funkier Pumpkin is far from your standard take on pumpkin spice beers. Choosing to focus on the complexity that brettanomyces can bring to a beer, Funkier Pumpkin offers subtle pumpkin flavor accented by traditional spicing in a beer that showcases the hallmark earthy/forest oor notes of their house wild yeast strain.

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