We’ve made it fam – football is back. It’s time for Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night watch parties and vibing with friends and family, enjoying food and beers while watching the game.

Hmm, actually as of late I’ve been enjoying more than just beer. 

So, let’s say you’re hosting your own Sunday football at home party – you, of course, have a bucket of Bud Light (the NFL’s official beer partner – wink wink) for the beer drinkers there, but what about for those that are looking for something a bit different? Let me help you out with some options for your next party.

Seltzer – Nutrl

Seltzers are always a great option for non-beer drinkers. They’re light, crisp, flavorful and go with a variety of different foods. Nutrl is a vodka seltzer that’s clean and ready to be enjoyed at any time, any place. They’re light, but still immensely flavorful, so you’re honestly getting the best of both worlds. My favorite thing about Nutrl is that they come in plenty of different flavors. Watermelon, Pineapple, Orange, Black Cherry … personally, once a single leaf falls to the ground, I immediately reach for their Cranberry variety pack. 

Cocktail – Cutwater

I’ve noticed that my tastes have shifted to cocktails more, and as much as I wish I had access to a fully stocked bar (and bartender) at my place, I don’t. Canned cocktails combine the full flavor (and strength) of a cocktail with the convenience of a beer, or any other casual canned drink. Cutwater Spirits are absolute pioneers of the genre, using their own distilled spirits to make unique takes on classic cocktails. 

To be honest, I’m usually sipping on at least some sort of Cutwater cocktail during the year. Their Margs (Shoutout to Strawberry!) during the summer months, and the Mai Tai and White Russian during the colder ones.

And don’t forget about the Bloody Mary, available in original and spicy, it’s a perfect crack and go option for those early tailgates!

Cider – Blake’s

I associate ciders with autumn, so of course they’re a go-to when I’m watching football or doing any kind of fall activity. They’re a bit more robust than a seltzer, so take your time enjoying one. Blake’s American Apple hard cider is a classic that goes with a burger or brat flawlessly. It’s also great just to enjoy by itself, although with its hefty 8.0% ABV, I highly recommend having something in your stomach before drinking.

Wine – Coastal Spritz

Just because the summer is ending, doesn’t mean #spritzszn is over! Brighten up your football watch party with a wine spritzer. Coastal Spritz is a combination between wine and seltzer, its bright, bubbly body is a high note with many wine drinkers.  Coastal Spritz is a great and easy to serve sparkling wine cocktail option when you don’t want to mix your own mimosas or bellinis.