This Sunday is Mother’s Day – but you knew that already, right? That means flowers and cards and boxes of chocolate for most of you but there are those of us who have moms or partners that are most looking forward to that brunch! Even though Bloody Marys and mimosas are the conventional affair for the occasion, there are those who have different Mother’s Day drink preferences.


This year, I asked our staff about their mother’s favorite drinks and the responses I got were not what I expected at all. It just goes to show you how unique each mom or partner is and why they’re celebrated on this day.


Our sales team members are some of the funniest and wittiest people I’ve ever had the fortune to work with and based on the stories and drink choices of their moms, I think I’m seeing where they get it from.


Scott Z. is a man who loves the classics and is a very “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of person. Loves his bourbon and loves a crisp and chilled Trumer Pils on 9 out of 10 nights. Seeing as his mother was a classic Gin Martini drinker, it sounds like their get-togethers might be more of a black tie affair than not. A Great House Gin Martini is the perfect drink to have with dinner this Mother’s Day.


Then we have Zak B. – easy to pick out from the crowd just from hearing his Boston accent. He’s the life of the party, will make sure your cup is never empty, and will never let you leave early if he can help it. Not a surprise that his mom is a margarita gal. I’ve never met her but I bet I could also pick her out of a line up – no doubt. Next time she’s in town, I’ll make sure to get Zak a 4-pack of the Cutwater Lime Margaritas.


Jeb S. is one of our newer sales reps but he has been in the industry for a very long time. He’s a storyteller with some of the most Midwest intensity that I’ve ever met. He loves to say that since his mother never drank, he’s making up for her share and he sure can put them down. Fastest Beer Shotgun in the (Mid)West. His mother-in-law however loves a Michelob Ultra at the end of a long day and I can definitely relate.


Kyle T., or the mayor of Old Town, as we like to say has also been in the bar industry for years. I actually remember sitting at the bar he managed when I first started and was covering for someone on vacation. He set me up with an amazing Italian dinner (at lunch mind you) and kept the coffee coming as I tried my best to change his mind about one of his three taplines. He told me that his mother’s favorite drink is an Amaretto Stone Sour – very fitting for the place where he was working.


Last but not least – Cayla P. may be one of our newest sales reps in the city but she’s someone who feels like a friend you’ve had for years. When she shared with me that her mom’s favorite drink is a White Russian, my first thought was “that is definitely a choice”. I was very befuddled because I was under the impression that Cayla was from Florida (“milk was a bad choice” – Ron Burgundy). Turns out she’s from the Great White North, aka Canada, and it started to make a lot more sense. I think the next time her mom comes by, she should try one with Sneaky Fox Vodka or grab one ready to go from Cutwater.


I also had a chance to go around our office to ask some of our coworkers what their mother’s favorite drinks were too.


Paul M. is one of our newest managers at Lakeshore but he’s been working in distribution for many years. An avid hockey fan and coach, he manages many of our supplier partners like Spiteful Brewing. Paul told me that his mom’s favorite drink was a grasshopper while laughing. Not a drink I thought anyone would have picked as their favorite but suddenly I’m craving some Frangos…


Jake P. is also one of Brand Managers and manages some of our biggest brands like Goose Island and Stella Artois. His mother is a Bloody Mary drinker and that sounds like a perfect pairing for that Mother’s Day brunch. If they’re not going out though, a Cutwater Bloody Mary is my go to for the morning after. Pour it into a tall glass with some ice cubes and an olive – it’s a lifesaver!


When I first started with Lakeshore Beverage, Tony S. was someone I didn’t directly work with but always saw at every gathering. He manages brands like Guinness and Smirnoff. His mom is a Stella Artois drinker and I’m sure Tony has gotten her a few engraved chalices over the years. His wife, however, is a wine drinker that enjoys white wines like 101 North Chardonnay.


As you can see, we probably carry something that your mom will enjoy this Mother’s Day. If your mom doesn’t like flowers or chocolates, why not spend the day with her and go somewhere to grab her favorite drink instead? Or stay in and bring over a bottle or 6 pack;  I’m sure she would love to share the special day with you.


Share with us what your mom’s favorite drink is. I’m very curious to see if there’s a clear winner because there doesn’t seem to be one at Lakeshore Beverage.