Guinness Nitro Beers

While the majority of beers you’ll encounter are carbonated with carbon dioxide, some are carbonated with nitrogen gas, or nitro for short. Nitrogen gas creates smaller bubbles than CO2, imparting a smooth, creamy mouthfeel in beers like Guinness Draught, perhaps the most well-known nitro beer in the world.

American craft breweries have since adopted the nitro technology Guinness invented back in 1959, incorporating their own creativity in the beers. 3 Sheeps Brewing from Sheboygan, WI was one of the first American craft breweries to successfully bottle a full line of nitro beers, led by their delicious Cashmere Hammer Nitro Stout.

And while nitro beers are most commonly associated with stouts, Founders Brewing adds nitrogen to Rubaeus, their raspberry ale, making for delightful treat — almost like drinking liquid jam. Our Training and Education Manager, Chris Kolodziej, shares his thoughts on nitro beers in our next video below.

Beers Featured

  1. Guinness Draught, Guinness Brewery
  2. Cashmere Hammer, 3 Sheeps Brewing Company
  3. Rubaeus, Founders Brewing


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