The (figurative) snow and ice has begun to thaw out and spring has finally sprung! It’s been a milder than usual winter, but the temperatures are trending upwards and nicer days are on the horizon. That means we’re closer to outdoor patios and baseball games and just being outside and enjoying the weather with friends and family. And you can’t celebrate spring without a few drinky-drinks.

Leave it to your friends here at Lakeshore Beverage to guide you through the season’s new and returning favorites to help you raise a toast with friends to spring!


Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra can be seen as an “all-timer”, as in you can drink it any time of the year, but Ultra’s light body and crisp taste really hits during the warmer months. With spring approaching, so are outdoor recreational sports and golf courses (did you know Mich Ultra is the official beer partner of the PGA?). Michelob Ultra is the perfect way to enjoy a beer without ruining your momentum. So grab a can, a pint, or a bottle – remember that it’s only worth it if you enjoy it.


Kona Big Wave

For those who want to ride the wave, Kona Big Wave was brewed for you. Big Wave is a golden ale born in Hawaii and loved all across the world. Its lighter body means Big Wave is a great pairing for seafood, poultry and salads, or just to bring to a beach party (when the weather gets a bit warmer, of course). No matter the location, be sure to grab some Kona Big Wave and pour some liquid aloha.


Looking for some beers brewed locally?  Here are some great warmer weather options!


Goose Island Big Juicy Beer Hug

Big and juicy. What more needs to be said about Goose’s newest hug? Passionfruit, orange, and guava combine to create a spring medley of juicy flavors that compile the profile of this imperial IPA. Bring a pack to your next Spring adventure and get ready for the juiciest hug of them all.


Hopewell Italian Ice

Italian ice brings fond warm weather memories for plenty folks, so Hopewell Brewing decided to stir those memories back up with citrus lager reminiscent of mid spring warm weather afternoons where you stood in line at the Italian Ice stand, eager to get your hand on the delectable ice treat.


Haymarket Relief Peacher

You know what also comes along with spring? Baseball season! Sitting in the bleachers on a warm sunny day, holding my beverage of choice, watching the 3-2 count. Haymarket has the perfect drink for those kinds of days – introducing Relief Peacher! Accompanied with the fabulous pun, Relief Peacher is a scrumptious American style IPA made with fresh peach juice! Crack open a can and take in lovely springtime weather at your next baseball game. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the game or else you’ll get hit with a flyball.


If beers aren’t your thing or you want to shake things up, there are plenty of options beyond beer to quench your thirst.


Hoop Tea

New! Introducing a fun twist on an old classic. Hoop Tea was created by some friends who ran an ice cream shop on the boardwalk and wanted to create a little taste of sunshine – thus Hoop Tea was born. Perfect for sharing with its built in tap pouches, or just to sip on sitting on the porch. It will be an indispensable tool in your warm weather gettogether toolbox.



Sometimes, the best things are the simplest. Real vodka, real juice, and seltzer water. That’s it. Although it’s a simple formula, Nutrl is crisp, flavorful, and a fan favorite for a reason. Best part is that there’s plenty of flavors to try out. From the originals, featuring mango, watermelon, and pineapple, to the lemonade collection, to even their cranberry varieties. There’s a Nutrl for everyone, and that’s pretty simple to understand.


Eris Pedestrian & Van Van Mojo

Dry, crisp, and bright. Eris’ mainstay hard cider is an absolute analogy for the springtime. Pedestrian cider is a modern take on hard cider, and it’s made for everyone. It’s pleasantly tart like a granny smith apple.

Looking for something on the berry side? Try out Eris’ Van Van Mojo! A blueberry cider made with Mosaic hops, Van Van Mojo is a great departure from the normal. It’s great by itself or mixed with a cider cocktail – enjoy!


And if you are looking for non or low alcoholic options, that’s ok too – there are great non-alcoholic beer options as well as refreshing NA beverages to guide you right through spring.


Go Brewing

A common problem – you want to have a drink with friends, but you don’t want to ruin your momentum nor feel like crap in the morning. It’s’ perfectly understandable – and a problem the creators of Go Brewing have also dealt with. So since 2020, they’ve been creating a line of beers that are low alcohol or non alcohol so you can enjoy a beer without the negative side effects.

For example, take Go’s Sunshine State IPA. Tropical and fruity notes combine with hops to create a luscious low ABV beer clocking in at just 0.3% ABV. Get a head start of sunshine vibes and crack open a can without consequences. Cheers!


Poppi Soda

If you’re anything like the writer, you absolutely love soda … but soda doesn’t exactly love you. It’s full of sugar and other not-so-good stuff. But what if I told you that you can now have your soda and it can be healthy for you while tasting great! Introducing Poppi! It’s a soda that has five grams of sugar or less with plenty of flavors so you’ll never get bored. Not only that, they also include prebiotics to help support a healthy gut. So crack open a can and enjoy soda again!

Sparkling Ice Starburst

Combining everyone’s favorite fruity candy with a soft fizzy drink sounds like a recipe for sugary disaster? Don’t worry, Sparkling Ice has you covered. Their new collaboration with Starburst brings four new fruity flavors to the table with ZERO grams of sugar! So enjoy as many as you want. And yes, you can just pick out the pink ones and no one will judge you for it.