On an unseasonably warm evening in October, Chicago dog lovers gathered at Bucktown Pub to celebrate their love for pups and pints with Rogue Ales.

There was a costume contest (obviously) with prizes from Krisers Natural Pet in Bucktown, a ton of delicious Rogue Ale’s Dead Guy and the opportunity for the pets to join the brewery’s official fan club, Rogue Nation. The dogs raised their right paws, performed the official ceremony, walked the official red carpet, and received their official membership cards.

Check out the photos below of ceremony and then scroll to the end to catch the official Pup Portraits!

BG2A5004 BG2A5008 BG2A5018 BG2A5118 BG2A5128 BG2A5235 BG2A5240 BG2A5252 BG2A5255 BG2A5259 BG2A5262 BG2A5267 BG2A5281 BG2A5284 BG2A5291 BG2A5303 BG2A5304 BG2A5329 BG2A5340 BG2A5373 BG2A5382 BG2A5385 BG2A5412


The Official Pup Portraits

BG2A5036 BG2A5024
BG2A5044 BG2A5053 BG2A5054 BG2A5056 BG2A5062 BG2A5070 BG2A5083 BG2A5086 BG2A5093 BG2A5100 BG2A5103 BG2A5110 BG2A5135 BG2A5159 BG2A5176 BG2A5196 BG2A5231 BG2A5335

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