Today we continue our collaboration series with local artist and craft beer blogger, MC Johnsen of Worth 1000 Beers. We call it Beer Prints. MC, our Artist-in-Residence, creates a new beer print each month to highlight a new-to-Chicago release on the Lakeshore Beverage portfolio. You can only get these special-edition prints through the Worth 1000 Beers Etsy store or by entering to win one on this blog. Take a look at last month’s Beer Print on Schlafly’s Pumpkin Ale.

MC’s work is as unique as it is useful, as it beautifully illustrates the aromas and flavor profiles in the beer she’s featuring. Studying her prints with a pint of the featured beer is a great way to train your palate to pickup the complexities in the glass. In this month’s piece, MC highlights the tart cherry and toffee notes in Brewery Ommegang’s new Belgian-Style Kriek called Rosetta.

Check out her illustration and tasting notes below, then enter to win this month’s print!

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Tasting Notes: Brewery Ommegang Rosetta

Appearance: This Belgian-Style Kriek is a clear, reddish-brown with ruby red and copper highlights, and an effervescent head of bubbles that fizz and dissipate quickly

Aroma: Strong cherry aroma with toffee, caramel, and hints of toast and lemon peel

Mouthfeel: Effervescent, medium-thin, scrubs the palette dry

Flavor: Tart cherries mingle with lemon peel, pomegranate, and late caramel sweetness as this layered blend finishes with a teensy hint of malt backbone

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